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Unlimited Car Wash Passes with the Washify System

Are You Interested in Curt's Unlimited Car Wash Pass? 

Our unlimited car wash pass is services by the WASHIFY CAR WASH SYSTEMS! Our new program uses a back license plate read for our pass holders! We have an attendant out by the payment kiosk to assist customers in signing up or transferring over your old pass to our new pass program. Our unlimited car wash passes are available to use at all 3 Curt's Car Wash Locations.

The unlimited pass has 3 wash options, starting at $20/ month. Our wash passes do have a 3 month minimum for all new sign ups. Our system provides re-occurring billing with your information taken at the time of sign-up. All of our car wash passes include a free emission test. We can add additional vehicles simply by emailing Kristina at: or texting 801-559-7746 with your additional vehicles LICENSE PLATE #, first and last name, and which wash package you wanted to add to your vehicle.

We offer FREE VACUUMS, complimentary drying towels at all locations, we have attendants to assist customers throughout the day at the Curt's TLC Car Wash on 7th east by Harmon's, and at our Curt's Hidden Valley Car Wash 12300 S 821 E , our passes also come with a FREE EMISSION TEST!! 

If you are interested in our unlimited car wash pass text 801-559-7746, or email!