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Vehicle Window Tint Removal
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Vehicle Window Tint Removal

Sale price $ 30.00 Regular price $ 50.00

CCW & Emissions will remove your window tint. We offer this service simply as a courtesy and convenience for our customers whom have been rejected on their safety inspections due to legal darkness limit. 43% is the legal darkness allowed in Utah. 

CCW & Emissions techs are not tint specialists, we only want to assist our customers with their safety requiremnets and to be a real "One Stop Show" for renewal and I/M

**if you want or need your tint removed prior to your safety inspection, you can call the emissions location and inquire if we have availability to remove your tint. Tint removal is only available four days per week CALL FOR AVAILABILITY, OR CHECK BACK WITH OUR WEBSTORE ONLINE BOOKINGS COMING SOON**

*subject to availability, service available only after a visual inspection by one of our techs  to determine ease and estimate how much time it will take to complete.*

*tint removal service is not always available *difficulty and removal will be evaluated prior to removal is done*weather and time permitting*price listed for front driver and passenger windows only  *use this service at your own risk, it is a specialty extra service not REQUIRED and no pressure from our staff to remove tint, we do not specialize or provide specialty training to our techs RE: window tint 

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