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Lucas Oil Octane Booster
Lucas OIl

Lucas Oil Octane Booster

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 Lucas oil on of the most well known and trusted names in the automotive industry. From your everyday passenger vehicle to the professional off road trophy trucks, you'll find Lucas Oil Products being used and trusted by drivers and professionals a like. CCW & Emissions would like to introduce the LUCAS OIL OCTANE BOOSTER fuel treatment to our list of additives and products available.

Lucas Octane Booster - A Real Octane Booster!  Tested and proven to deliver three times more boost than most other brands. Lucas Octane Booster is a GENUINE Performance Enhancer! It's safe for turbos, oxygen sensors and catalytic converters. Stops knocks, and raises MPG in high compression engines.


  • Safe for turbos, oxygen sensors and catalytic converters
  • Suitable for use in fuel injected and carbureted engines
  • Provides more boost than most other brands
  • Promotes clean fuel burn for fewer emissions

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